Dr. Christopher Thompson: "Those cyclists had it coming!"

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Friday, December 12, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Update Nov. 2 2009: Dr. Christopher Thompson tried and convicted of all seven counts against him.

Thompson to be arraigned in Mandeville Canyon Road Rage case

Last summer, Dr. Christopher Thompson was arrested for assaulting cyclists with his car on Mandeville Canyon Road in Los Angeles.

In a preliminary hearing yesterday, a police officer testified that Dr. Thompson told him immediately after the accident that Thompson lived on the road and that we was tired of cyclists using "his" road, so he slammed on the brakes "to teach them a lesson." Two cyclists, Ron Peterson and Christian Stoehr, were injured when they couldn't avoid hitting Thompson's car.

LAist has an excellent overview of the hearing, including video of Thompson leaving the courthouse.

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...wow !!!...& that ladies & gentlemen is a very real & unfortunate mindset...not just of this one particular person, either...

...i've long contended that non-cyclists don't "get" that there are people out there willing to use a 3000lb vehicle to intimidate other folks on 20lb vehicles...this doctor just took it a step further...

...may justice be served...
Geez. I hope he gets the same sentence someone would have if they had used a bat to "teach them a lesson."
That guy is such a jackass! Every time I hear about this story steam comes out of my ears. I hope he goes to prison for basically ever.
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