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Thursday, December 18, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

A brief personal note: The Fritz Family had family portraits taken a few weeks ago. And of course, Mrs Fritz and I brought bikes with us!

You can view the whole set of photos here at SmugMug. The photographer is my friend Sam Hassas with whom I go to church.

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I love them!
♥oh, what!! —beyond adorable
love your sweaters, and energy. So cute. Thanks for sharing these :)
...this one foto alone is great...a special moment captured...
Glad you all like them :-)

@BGW -- when did you setup a profile at Love that profile photo of you!
Is that Vasona Park?
@Goldstar: No, we went uphill on Calaveras in Milpitas.
Mr. Sam rocks, great work as always.
Howdy, Fritz--

Thank you so much for sharing. This is why your site is so civil, such a comforting place to visit. Instead of the uaual anonymity, you make it warm and personal. It would take a true Scrooge to desecrate that spirit with flames of discontent. Sure, people can get opinionated in this space, but it is almost always pleasant and respectful.
Thanks again for all you do, and a wonderful solstice and holiday season to you and your family.
Happy Trails,
Ron Georg
p.s.--I don't have any recent family portraits, but my wife snapped this the other morning as I was towing our little girl to school:
Hey, Fritz. Absolutely amazing!
I'm naturally a little grumpy online so I have to work to be a little positive (and that snarkiness does come out sometimes, which I regret...)

Thanks for the kind comments, and I really hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a good new year!
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