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Sunday, December 07, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

Oh wait, it is Sunday! A few random thoughts to catch up on:

What happens if you insert a politician name into a Christmas Carol?

(Little Drummer Boy)

Day Labor. Out of work Americans stand at street corners holding cardboard signs with "Hungry, Need food, God Bless You." Latinos works their tails off with eagerness and no complaints. I hired some guys off of the street to help me move and their work ethic is amazing. Most of us Americans are soft and spoiled. Latinos are ambitious and hungry for success.

Lance Armstrong reads Bike Snob NYC. Bike Snob feigns indifference.

I read The Shack. It's pretty good.

Finally, Cycle Dog is in prison.

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I prefer a 'magic bun day' myself.
Whatever happened to the Bangles? And could CycleDog share a prison cell with them?
Latino and American are not disjoint terms.

PC'er than you.

My view on immigration - let em all in. Make acquiring work papers easy, and make the fine for *employing* someone without papers very stiff, to completely remove incentive to hire undocumented.

This would raise wages and make some of those "jobs lost to illegal immigrants" more attractive to the entire population. Costs would be passed onto the consumer, but hey that's the free market. As it is, the market is not free because undocumenteds can be paid less because of their status, and nobody wins except the employer.

I feel more adamant about this in the high tech arena. The visa rules for bringing in high tech workers are byzantine. India will become a troublesome competitor for US High Tech industries unless we continue to rob that country blind of their best and brightest. Additionally, the outsourcing of more skilled positions will become worse the more high skiled workers we refuse entry to. We hire them, train them, then they leave their US company and start a competitor locally, instead of starting a new company in the US and producing more jobs.

Your mileage may vary.
Yes, but have you seen Naked Obama on a Unicorn? (it cannot be unseen)

Anon 6:52 - I think Crow delivered your magic buns for you.

Crow: that unicorn painting was clearly inspired by this Jib Jab video.

Murph: I hope Imigre doesn't read my blog. Or if they do, I hope blog musings can't be taken as evidence of wrongdoing.

Ed: If INS comes across my confession here, I might join you in Gitmo.
Thanks for the vid Yokota. It was a veritable cornucopia of win!
Fun to see that vid again with a few months' perspective.
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