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Monday, December 15, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

It's pretty simple: Buy your kid a bike, fer crying out loud.

If your kid has a bike, then you're already done.

If you don't have a kid, buy a bike for somebody else's kid.

For your significant other who's into bikes if you don't do bikes...

If you don't know bikes but you're hunting for gifts for the bicyclist in your family, consider these gifts: Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season, all.

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Small lights make great gifts.

Planet Bike Superflash
Knog lights
great list, I'd like a subscription of momentum as well.
I ditto stevo9er! I think Im getting some knogs from my bike pals...
Good tips Fritz, To "buy a bike for somebody else's kid", I want to mention another option. You can fix up discarded bikes to give to kids who don't have them. I see old kid's bikes in the trash fairly often that only need minor repairs to be usable again. It is certainly a good feeling to be able to give a kid a bike who otherwise would not have one.
Or go out and find 'em and take 'em to the bike coop.

The panda says no! I'd love a loosing experience. We should all be looser, not tighter. But then, I'm one of those Joneses (there are more than one of us to keep up with).
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