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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
By Yokota Fritz

I've been aware of the SF2G (San Francisco to Google) group of cyclists who regularly meet up in San Francisco for the 40 mile (give or take) ride to their jobs at Google in Mountain View. I see them regularly pass directly in front of my office in Menlo Park, and I've given directions to wayward cyclists when they get lost in East Palo Alto.

What I didn't know until this morning: The SF2G website, with directions, printable cue sheets, riding tips, paceline etiquette basics, and other goodies.

I found out about SF2G reading the Mercury News this morning. Columnist Scott Herhold started early in the morning in San Jose (!), rode the train north up to San Francisco, then rode his bike the 40 miles back south to Mountain View, where he watched the James Bond flick at the Shoreline Blvd movie theater.

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There's also a much smaller bunch of dedicated riders who ride to Mountain View from Santa Cruz too. I ride in 2 times a week from summit. It's nice because we get to take the shuttle bus home!
Ark, I didn't know about your group! I've done Scotts Valley to Menlo Park once via Mt Charley / Hwy 9 / Foothill Expwy - it's a very nice 44 mile ride. What route does your group take to Mtn View?
sweet! I dont work anywhere near the MV/cupertino area, but would love to check it out, maybe some weekend soon. Keep me posted if there's a non-riding to work ride.
This is awesome!!! I live in SJ and work in San Bruno. I usually do the N-S route that follows ECR but this is great!!!
I'm going to have to figure out their route, as I've been curious to ride from MV up to SF to school, but couldn't figure out where to go once I got past Crystal Springs Reservoir (not that I'd consulted a map or anything, just pondered it in passing). In the meantime, CalTrain then bike to Parnassus seems to take only slightly less time than the full ride probably is.
I once saw you wheeling into Sun on your Centurion (RIP) as I was passing through w/ SF2G!
@meligrosa: The SF2G page mentions a Google Group so perhaps you can join that for info on weekend rides?

@Mike: You ride ECR from SJ to San Bruno? My hat's off to you.

@Amanda: (Are you Velobabe?) I haven't ventured north of RWC by bike -- I really need to try one of these routes myself.

@JimG: Yo, Jim G! I've wondered if the people I see zipping by on Bayshore might be people I know online.
I'm not sure of the exact route they take, last time I saw them they were heading up hwy9. I was at rincon parking off for a morning mountain bike ride :)

I usually ride in from summit and hwy 17. usual route is along summit/skyline to saratoga gap, down hwy 9 to redwood gulch and then foothill to grant and then on the stevens creek trail. it's 33 miles with 2000ft climbing (and 3800 ft descent!)

other options involve dropping down mt charlie to lexington and then montevina, dirt road, bohlman, up hwy9, redwood gulch.

on special days you can throw in montebello over to pagemill too... but those are tough days!

If you're interested in riding with us, either on the road in the morning (meet at summit? or I can pick you up in Scotts Valley) or on the dirt before work drop us a line at
hey yokota!

great to connect w/ some likeminded types! as you can see, is a 1% project (ahem), but we post semi-useful stuff from time to time.

the group rides in some form or other 3-5 days a week, and is composed of jovial chums from lots 'o southbay companies, probably half being google peeps. we welcome any and all to join us for the commute. specifics of each ride are usually posted a day or two before to the list by whomever wants to roll, and the usual dealy is we meet at Ritual (valencia/21st) at 6:20, throw back a coffee, roll about 6:30, get to MV about 9-9:30, eat lots of food.

the most common route selection is the one we call Bayway, and is about 40% paths, the rest being reasonably bikeable roads. it's actually quite pretty a lot of the way.

we have 663 members now (amazing to me) and an average ride probably has about 6, with fridays often sporting 20+ riders.

join us!

...posted a link to from :)
I remember the days when we didn't have a Google Group, newspaper press and name dropping on blogs.

SF2G has come a looooooong way. It seems like every bike blog I read in the Bay Area is on the list now. AWESOME!
Fun to see how far this has come from my lonely rides a few years ago. It's too bad I live south and work north these days I'd join you all again.
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