Sour economy hits utility bicycle manufacturer

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Sunday, December 28, 2008
By Alison Chaiken

From N.Y. Times on Sunday 12/28:

Wayne Sosin is the president of Worksman Cycles in Ozone Park, Queens, a 110-year-old shop that produces heavy-duty bicycles and tricycles used in warehouses and factories. In October, a manager at the company was worried about rising costs, but confident that sales would remain strong. But orders from automakers and their suppliers have “basically dried up to nothing.”

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When money dries up, everyone suffers. The bailout of the banks has had less than stellar results. And not helping out the auto industry retool and ready themselves for the next clean technology will cause a rippling effect throughout.

It's time to get inventive again.
It was also on NPR (and maybe linked here ;) in November

(I notice that the "passive heat" article is still the most emailed from the NY Times, too.)

And tiny little cycling political efforts are showing up, like the "1-mile solution"
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