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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
By Alison Chaiken

N.Y. Times:
Big increases in business this year led some shop owners to think that they were largely insulated from a slowing economy. But the economy has continued to spiral downward, taking bicycle sales and much else with it. The question now is whether all the bicyclists who appeared last summer will be back next summer.

I think that the editor who wrote the headline meant that sales are waning, not waiting. The A-Team at the Times editorial desk must already be out celebrating the New Year.

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Whats with the skull candy ad? Looks hideous. I saw it on two other cycling blogs. :) Happy New Year.
Maybe NYC sales are dropping because of the cold weather out there? One California newspaper has a different report:
The A-team does a lot of waning... did you notice there's a weekly exploration of their errors now? They pick a *category* and talk about that week's errors, so they miss most of them, too.
Happy New Year!
By the way... I ordered one of those turn signals... but I have already found its flaw... it falls off easily. GOing to go out now and see if I can find it. If I'd known that, I'd have taken precautions.
Ron: People pay attention to the ads? :-)

Anon9:58 - thanks for that. Interesting that Velotech on Emerson is going for commuter bikes now too. Fascinating to me about the guys visiting Palo Alto Cycles from San Jose - there are some good bike shops much closer to them (I like Walts in Sunnyvale and Hyland on Meridian in San Jose).

Sioux: Did you get the wrist band turn signal? That's the one falling off?
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