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Friday, January 09, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

What does it look like when a nice Cinelli flies from the roof rack of a car at highway speeds? Look if you really want to know, though I warn you it's ugly and may be inappropriate for children and those with weak constitutions.

Cyclists like politicians.

Encouraging bicycling not with facts and admonitions, but with the idea that Cycling is fun! [6 MB PDF] This is a good document.

Bicycle Design Bike Design Contest finalists have been posted. I especially like Rick Marland's folding bike with a built in lock, and Torkel Dohmers' "This Way" velomobile.

Active Transportation for America makes the case and quantifies the national benefits that increased federal funding in bicycling and walking infrastructure would provide tens of billions of dollars in benefits to all Americans.

Miss Sansen's list of Peloton Pretties, Specials, and Uglies.

I'm very familiar with the Old Stage Fire area in Boulder County, Colorado -- when I lived in Boulder County I did plenty of riding down Nelson Road, St. Vrain Road and up US 36 to Lyons and beyond, and up Lefthand Canyon Road to Ward and up to Brainard Lake. Closer to Boulder there's Niwot Road, and the gut busting hill climbs of Old Stage Road and Lee Hill Road. I've approached 60 mph on my bicycle on some of these roads. Gary Koenig in Denver writes about these prime cycling roads.

Soma never got those brass fenders from Honjo, but found another supplier. Maybe not quite as nice, but they're available for purchase now.

The weak Japanese Yen makes business more expensive for Rivendell.

Bike Jobs
Oakland: Youth program assistant manager to help run after school bike promotion programs.

Oakland: Program Paid Intern [PDF] at Norcal High School Cycling League.

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My poor bike came out of the roof rack during a right turn, last year. It held on by one front fork tab. I was able to bend the tab back, and it works, but has been retired to light duty for he rest of its life. There is nothing like looking out the window at your bike hanging upside down!
Aww! Any chance of getting a new fork?
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