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Thursday, January 15, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

A nice new blog is Bike Skirt by Anna and Elisa of Birmingham, Alabama. Here's Anna with her bike "'Geot" -- pronounced "Joe", because it's a Peugeot, get it?

Anna with Geot in Birmingham

Elisa started riding a bicycle to get fit, but before long she found she liked bicycling so much committed to making bicycling her primary form of transportation.

Anna just started commuting to work on her bike a month ago, says her primary goal is "to have really nice legs."

Oh, and get this: In Birmingham, the city's commute alternatives program pays bike commuters $2 for each day they commute to work by bike, with a $120 cap over a three month period. Is that cool or what?

Drop by for a visit and say 'hello' to these bicycling young women.

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Thanks! you would think that more people would ride if they were getting paid. Nope! you can check out the program at
We have the same program here in Atlanta. Only it's $3 a day, up to $180 over three months. It was a really nice reward for sticking to biking to work after three months. Gave me some needed money to improve my commuter bike, and by three months I was totally hooked.

If anyone is in the position to start these kinds of programs, I feel they're the best way to encourage biking to work. The money comvinces people to try it, and the bike convinces the people to stick to it.
Thanks for dropping by, Elisa.

And thanks for that info, Tony -- I added mention of the Atlanta program to a post about incentive programs over at
Wow, my uncle used to have a Peugoet 12 speed when I was younger. It actually had an ovalized downtube. Wish I knew if he still had it, cause I'd snag it! ;-)
As an alternative to the money, give me someone to ride with like Elisa :-)
No, really, it matters a lot whether you ride alone each and every day, or if there's someone riding beside you who you can chat with.
Cycling the Netherlands just recently I could cycle up to almost everyone and just start chatting with them ... what a great way to get to know country AND people!
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