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Thursday, January 22, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Carl in Longmont, Colorado says this looks like me.

This illustration is from the "winter" collection by artist Yuzuriha Satoshi in Tokyo, Japan. This illustration entitled "Koshu Kaido / Inume" shows a stop along the old "Koshu Highway."

Satoshi-san is probably a randonneur. Many of his prints illustrate what a long distance cyclist may see while riding.

In his cyclist gallery and his seen gallery, Satoshi follows the Haiku tradition of splitting his illustrations into seasons: Spring 春, Summer 夏, Autumn 秋 and Winter 冬. Go take a look -- it's good stuff.

Chris @ Velo Orange just told me he posted about this also.

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I know this is modern, not ukiyo-e nor manga, but like both of those these have a great sense of line. Something is perfect when there is nothing left to remove.
The second picture reminds me of a clueless commuter about to meet Caltrain. Not very safety oriented.
That gallery is certainly making the rounds. I also posted one of his pieces on my blog today.
I must apologize to Chris, in that I neglected to give him credit for being the post where I saw them first.
Those are really neat -- thanks for sharing!
Wow, these are really great! Thanks for pointing them out!
Thanks for the comments all and I'm glad you like that gallery.

@Steve: The title (in Japanese) of the rail picture is "Abandoned Rail," so probably safer than it looks.
Yes, it looks like you and when I held the laptop up to my ear, I could hear the faint rumble of your voice, like when you listen to a sea shell and hear the far off rush of the surf. And there was just a whiff of Febreze.
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