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Monday, January 05, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Safe Turn giveaway update: Carl in Longmont won the Safe Turn bicycle turn signal light with this tweet. Congratulations, Carl. Watch for another giveaway sometime tomorrow. Remember, first to tweet wins!

Today's giveaway is the Safe Turn bicycle turn signal.

Safe Turn bicycle turn signal

You wear the Safe Turn signal light on your wrist. When you raise your arm to signal a turn, the light automatically begins to flash on. A lot of thought went into the operation of this light and it works surprisingly well. It's perhaps dimmer than I would prefer, and the batteries are non-rechargeable button cells that are somewhat difficult to get at.

We already have a winner -- see the update in the first paragraph. To win: Be the first person to click this link with the text "Bicycle Turn Signal #safeturn" to Twitter.

Good luck! This entry is posted Monday morning at 7 AM U.S. Pacific Time. See contest rules for limitations and other details.

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I'm unimpressed by the SafeTurn after a few days of riding with a pair. The units are fairly small, and, as Fritz has noted, not very bright. There simply is no way that a motorist would notice the SafeTurn during the day, so they can convey a safety advantage only at night. As noted by others, the units have what we call in the software trade "a suboptimal user interface," as it not's obvious by inspection which orientation the units need to be worn in and whether the power is on or off. I do not have problems with the SafeTurns falling off as another reader did.

Bottom line: the RealLite adds tremendously to my feeling of safety. When they are stolen, I will replace them. In contrast I will use the SafeTurns, but wouldn't buy them again.
I've had a pair of the indicators for 3 months now and find they they do the job well. Sure they don't offer to much during the day however I believe that is not there intension. I think for the price they are a good purchase. Shipping is fast.
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