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Monday, January 12, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

I still have a couple more items of bike schwag to give away this week, but before I continue:

1. What do you think of the giveaways? I like doing these giveaways because (a) It gives me a chance to mention this stuff I've been collecting (b) It gives you a chance to try some of this stuff risk free and (c) It drives traffic to Cyclelicious. Do you like the opportunity to win stuff, or is it too random and distracting?

2. I've posted winners by tweeting them and modifying the "giveaway" post by noting the winner. Is this adequate notification for you?

3. First to 'tweet' has been the winner, which works out very well for me personally. What about for you? Would you prefer a random drawing of entrants? Any other suggestions?

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Who doesn't like freebies. But you should mix it up a bit, so that non-tweeters have equal opportunity.
Maybe make it like a radio show- 10th Tweeter or something like that. First to tweet isn't as fun =)
I like the whole idea except the rush to be "first tweeter." Rewards people who sit around like vegetables on the computer staring at Twitter waiting for contests (uh, I wouldn't be talking about moi now would I?)

Maybe a random drawing of entrants, or first to answer a difficult trivia question or something...

Or, you can keep doing it how you are doing it, it's your contest after all! :-)
Any ideas for non-tweeters to get involved? I enjoy giving stuff away, but I have my selfish motivations as well because Twitter provides a good way to find a winner while also throwing some easy link love my way.

I kind of like Shane's "#10" idea, but then I fear somebody would post 10 tweets in a row. In college my roommate and I would win six packs of Dr Pepper like this. It would go something like this at 2 AM:

*dial* "You're caller number 1" *click*
*dial* "You're caller number 2!"
*dial" "You're caller number 4!" *click*
*dial* "You're caller number 5!" *click*
*dial*" "You're caller number 8! Congratulations!"

"Waitaminute, aren't you the same guy who won last night?"

"Uh, no, that was my roommate."
I would prefer randomizing, as some of us are in a different time zone (I'm still sleeping when the opportunity to win arises!).
I dont use tweeter, but I like reading what goodies you are giving away, perhaps you can have the people send you a photo or something, that'd be fun.
I like it, though it's exciting ;)
Keep it up, the giveaways are great! I don't mind the twitter requirement personally, but can understand why others do.
I don't use Twitter because I don't want to be lumped in with all those U.S.-hating terrorists:

Still, I like watching other people win stuff!
I think limited time entry (one day, 12 hours?) and random pick is best idea, and I think you should not use such a proprietary system like twitter. Right now it just favors people who have the patience/money to have tweets sent to their phones all day long.
Sucks if you don't use Twitter, is all I'm saying.
I really appreciate the feedback, everybody. I'll try random selection for my next giveaway and see how that works out.

What are objections to people who don't want to sign up for Twitter, even if it's just to enter a contest?
...besides the terrorist association, that is :-) said 'tweeter'...i thought you meant 'tweeker' & i was wondering why so many folks here were into bad drugs...sheesh !!!...

...but seriously, i did win those toe-clips 'leathers' earlier, so i'm 'enhancement smoker' sez, it's cool to see others win & personally i don't like signing up for anything unless i have to...
Joined twitter so I could do your free giveways. A little fun!
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