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Monday, January 19, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Did you know you can plant wire clothes hangers and they grow up to become bicycles?

I had a pretty odd dream last night.

My wife and I traveled by river boat to a snow ski resort. A Caltrain conductors who's a jerk to bicyclists cameoed in my dream as the boat captain.

We arrived at the ski area, but the snow was melted (just like in real life in California). I slipped my skis on -- and I mean this literally because instead of ski boots and bindings, my skis had rubber boots like water skis do -- and sushed around on slush and wet grass for a while, but I soon tired of that and rode my bicycle on the ski runs as I dodged out of control snowboarders.

The boat carried loaner bikes that were folded into a storage closet. When I helped my wife with a loaner, I discovered these bikes were made completely with the wire clothes hangers you get from the dry cleaner. Frame, handlebars, wheels, cranks, even the chain were made with hanger wire, and they weren't folded so much as bent for storage. To ride the bike, you had to unbend the frame into shape. In my dream, when you lifted one of these wire bikes it weighed about has much as a hanger.

I expressed some concern about the safety of this flimsy bike, but Mrs Fritz rode around on it with no problems at all.

When I awoke, I didn't find any wire hanger bicycles on the Internet, but I did find:

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ha ha ha ha ha :)
Sounds like a folding bike. (And yes, I would never ride one)
> wire clothes hangers and they grow up to become bicycles

"Or All The Sea With Oysters", Avram Davidson.
@Alan: THANK YOU! I was killing myself trying to remember the details of that paper clip story.
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