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Thursday, January 29, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Update: Several people got in touch with me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! If I haven't contacted you yet I will. There will be other opportunities for those who are interested later.

I'm writing a review for Momentum Magazine for the Schwinn Tailwind bicycle with electric assist, and I'd like to submit a photo or five for Momentum's use. I need somebody who can spare an hour who can ride this bike while I take photos.

Schwinn Tailwind Electric Assist bike

This is a men's "Large" model, so I need a woman who's at least 5'9" or a man who's at least 5'10 or so (it's actually too large for me). My deadline is Sunday, so I need somebody who can meet me late Friday afternoon in Menlo Park or Palo Alto, or Saturday in the South Bay or Santa Cruz County, though my strong preference is somebody in Scotts Valley or Santa Cruz.

You may appear in a nationally distributed bicycle magazine and you must sign a model release. Any photos I take will be posted to Flickr with a Creative Commons "Share Alike" license, though this is negotiable.

I'm not looking for supermodel quality models -- if you're comfortable with your appearance and don't mind thousands of people looking at you, I'm probably fine with that, though you should be well groomed. The model will wear 'normal' clothing -- please no lycra or workout clothes. Something akin to business casual is ideal. I'd like to avoid the bike commuter stereotype of crumpled, frayed clothing. Women should probably avoid skirts and dresses unless you're very tall: the standover height on this bike is 31 inches.

I'm also looking for somebody who can do this as a freebie or very cheaply -- I won't make a dime from this myself.

Time is short, so if you know somebody please help me spread the word and you'll have my gratitude.

If you're interested, please email me with your contact information.

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I'd love to do it but I have a geographical conflict. I don't know when you have in mind, but I'm pretty sure I will be chopping ice off my driveway that day.
You are doing a review for Momentum. Ver cool; can't wait to see it.
Ver- I guess that is short for very.
I'm available both days. I'm riding on sat morning in demo so it would have to be later. I live in santa cruz too. Let me know.

I'm in Pacific Grove, and would be available anytime Friday in Santa Cruz.
Thank you all -- I received several inquiries and responded to a few so far.

I'm meeting with a friend of mine this afternoon in Mountain View for shots. I've ridden with him before but I've only seen him in full road kit -- I hope I recognize him in regular clothing!

James: There's a review of the Strida folding bike by me in the current issue of Monentum. I got some good talking points from Mark Sanders that you'll like.
I am free on both days...the bike looks cool , iam looking forward to ride it.
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I am glad if connected at this opportunity.In addition, I come to look.
Looking forward to seeing this ... I thought the bike was awfully cute 'til I realized it was artificially propelled...
... and what is the significance of the flickr page calling it "assit" :D :P
Bring it out to Oklahoma, Fritz, and I'll subject it to Ed's Vertical Crush Test! I promise you photos that rival the dignity and poise of any bicycle riding circus bear.
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