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Friday, January 30, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

It's an interesting section of the paper to put it in, but here it is. New York bike courier Hugo Giron reviews several battery bike lights.

Of the lights he tried, Hugos favorites are the Blackburn Flea front and rear lights. These lights were the bee's knees," Mr. Giron said. "They were so small and ridiculously bright."

My favorite lights right now: Planet Bike SuperFlash on the rear and NiteRider MiNewt on the front. I'll write more about the MiNewt later, but for now I'll just say that they're inexpensive, bright, compact and the USB charging feature is more useful than I would have expected.

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I agree on the MiNext USB. Bright, fairly cheap and easy to charge at home or work. Heck, I even charged mine in the car on the way home from the bike shop.
I'm still running NiteRider HID headlamps, have LEDs finally caught up to HID light output?
MiNewt doesn't fall in the category of high power lights, but high power LEDs are pretty close to HID in output now. Expect to see large heat sinks and spendy prices.
for a fashion story, i'd have thought they'd include the monkeyLetric lights or other such combinations of visibility & couture.
Thats the only way to make things good.
I'm riding/rocking a similar setup - MiNewt X2 and PlanetBike SuperFlash but after some cretin swiped my first genertation MiNewt (but not the battery) I threw down for the MiNewt X2 Duals. Amazing.
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