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Thursday, January 15, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Tooting my own horn: I was the Good Samaritan. Do a good turn daily.

"Waiting" by Pieter Musterd, CC license.

30 speeds on a bike are confusing to the neophyte, so Taiwanese researchers created a computer optimized gear change notifier for derailleur equipped bicycles. The device tells the cyclist how to shift for their speed and conditions.

San Francisco MTA plans to remove bike lanes on Market Street at Octavia. This is the infamous intersection where cyclists are commonly right hooked, although right turns are illegal here. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will hold a rally at this intersection Friday morning from 7:30 AM to 10 AM to protest the planned bike lane removal.

Trick cyclist Ines Brun will appear in Palo Alto on April 4 as part of the Bus Cycle going away party.

Bicycle rentals in Sausalito, CA at Tour de Sausalito.

In Idaho, cyclists may legally treat stop signs as yield signs. Oregon considers a similar law.

I'm told that traffic is horrible in the Dominican Republic and cyclists are the few and the brave. Ciclo Ciudad [in Spanish] in Santo Domingo, D.R. is working to change that. They seek to encourage the use of cycling as transportation to make the cities cleaner and more livable. Props to Kathleen for this.

Seattle Spokespeople seek encourage casual cyclists to ride more. Here's a neat news article about them.

Jim Langley on wax chain lubes. (I've used White Lightning before, but it seems to build up and get "gunky" on the chain after a while. Maybe I use too much).

Early Bird Crits: Let's avoid the crashes and ambulance rides, okay?

Take care of your old bicycle.

Brent Thomson surgery update.

Gear Review 2009 LED Bike Light Shootout. Via.

Lug Love and Velo Vogue.

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thanks for the shout out on 'take care of your old bike'. Green Clean your bike too!
A real "good Samaritan" keeps it to himself.
Smoker: I receive your kind rebuke.
Good on ya for doing something nice, though.
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