World downhill champion Rachel Atherton injured in Santa Cruz crash

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Monday, January 19, 2009
By Alison Chaiken

World downhill champion Rachel Atherton of Great Britain dislocated her shoulder after colliding with a car in Santa Cruz, California, on Sunday.

Let this occurrence be a reminder to anyone less skilled in bike-handling than the reigning world downhill champion to be careful out there!

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Thanks for posting this, Alison. I heard about Rachel's crash this morning here in Santa Cruz but didn't get around to posting about it. She went over the hood of a car and into the windshield. She's pretty beat up.
From the photo, it looks like Ms. Atherton doesn't have a serious head injury. Get well soon!
Less bicycle handling skills and more effective driver education and skills. Drivers' Education in the US is a total joke. ~40 hours with less than 6 hours of practical and they turn you loose, never to be trained or tested again.

Aaron, in this instance Rachel admitted to cutting into the wrong lane going through a turn.
First Liz Hatch and now Rachel? It's been a bad week for high-profile female cyclists.

Here's a prayer to both Liz and Rachel that they get well soon!
Aaron, might want to check facts before you jump to the conclusion that the automobile driver was at fault. Because she was not. She was not cited by the police. Ms. Atherton was on the wrong side of the road and admitted the fault of the accident was her own.
I am the owner of the pick up that was involved in the accident. I am sure that being on the wrong side of the road was an honest mistake. how ever Rachel has made no attempt to contact me and has not returned several emails that I have written to her team website. In addition almost 2 months later and the CHP report is still not done due to their inability to obtain her contact information.
this was a mistake but it is her responsibility to pay for damages to my truck witch totaled in over 3,500$ that I can't afford to fix and shouldn't have to. She already admitted to her irresponsibility not wearing a helmet how about not paying for the damages she caused.
Truckowner, have you talked to your auto insurance company about this? It's their job to take care of you and collect the losses from Ms Atherton.
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