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Sunday, February 15, 2009
By Alison Chaiken

Tilted Levi's

Inspired by Meli and Lorena, I've been trying to wear regular street clothes more often when riding around town.

Unintentionally I'm sure, Levi's has created some comfortable cycling jeans that are high in the back and low in the front. There are even back pockets! (And front ones as well, for that matter.) I picked up mine at Seventh Heart on Market near Franklin in SF. I've road-tested the tilted jeans and can affirm that they are quite comfortable for riding. Confidential to the Fishers: chamois tilted jeans next!

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Ok - so what's the part number?
I bought tilted 504s, although it looks like the 523s also come tilted. I like them so much, I wish I'd bought more than one pair.
=v= This is what first attracted me to Swrve jeans (specifically intended for cyclists). I wonder whether Levi's makes a male variety of this?

BTW, ITYM Haas rather than Fisher. The latter is far more sweatshoppy.
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