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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Jill in Middletown, CT has designs for a weatherproof bicycle canopy. Her design plans for the bicycle canopy includes 9 pages of text that describes all the materials you need to buy in order to build your own bicycle canopy, precise instructions of how to build the canopy on your own bicycle, and four sketches with close up diagrams to help you build your own canopy and show you what the bicycle canopy looks like. For more information, visit her Bicycle Canopy Company website.

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Here's another version:
I can just imagine how well this would work with a good cross wind on the Golden Gate!
We'll just float down and join the kite surfers down below in the Gate :-)
i live in the same town as this woman. she is a menace. i have seen her ride straight out into traffic without stopping. there is no visibility with this contraption or she has no regard for anyones saftey. she has brought two lanes of traffic to a complete halt as she peddles down the center of streets or leaves her bike in the road to rummage in castoffs along the curb. honestly, i think she has some emotional difficulties
To Anonymous:

Why don't you put your name on your rant, hater?

Let's see... stops motorized traffic and reclaims useful things from taking up space in landfills... sounds pretty cool to me.
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