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Monday, February 23, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

This is Cold Iron of Alameda in the East Bay. He tried strapping his Planet Bike Super Flash bike light to his left ankle; I think it works pretty well. His bike is a Waterford; he also owns a Surly Big Dummy.

Cold Iron's Planet BIke Superflash

What are your unusual bike light mounting options?

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It's a novel idea, but when I rode behind him at SJ Bike Party I got blinded for a second when he raised his heel on the upstroke. That superflash is way bright.
in addition to their work with bicycle advocacy groups, i have come to believe that planet bike is in close collaboration with satan.

they seem to have harnessed the holy power of angel fire for the superflash because there is no goddamn way that thing is powered off of two double a batteries.
I remember by brother had an ankle-strap light in the mid 1960's. It was a rather bulky affair by today's standards... A tube containing a couple of "C" batteries, with the lights mounted on the top, a solid white pointing forward, a solid red pointing to the rear. I don't recall him actually wearing the thing, however.
Strap a small LED flashlight on left wrist with a watch band. Point in any direction at motorists who might need to see a bike.
I use 2 different flashers. 1 is strapped to the seat post, the other is on my saddle bag. Both flash at different rates, for optimal driver annoyability. It seems to work
@John Calnan...what is old is new again. We had those lights too...and actually used them :>0 Remember the Wonder Lights with the big square batteries? LOL

The up and down motion of the lights will catch a motorists eye. But I don't think I would use the PB Superflash there...a bit overpowering.

Duct tape an 8 million candela spotlight to your helmet. Look at any driver you want to run into a telephone pole. Use frequently.
Laser pointer, anyone?
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