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Monday, February 23, 2009
By Alison Chaiken

Mountain View's Bike Shelter

Pretty full inside!

Proving that I don't always wear lycra

Mountain View has secure bike parking at the Caltrain station, within easy striking distance of Castro Street shopping or the Sunday Farmer's Market. On the rare occasion when I don't actually need my bike at my destination, the Bike Shelter is convenient for storage while I'm gone.

Inside the shelter, front wheels are to be lifted over racks that hang the bicycles vertically. The concept is a great space-saver and all, except that I can't lift the front wheel of my heavy commute bike that high, and the scheme isn't all that compatible with fenders. I locked to the side of the rack (middle photo above).

The Bike Shelter is accessible via a numeric keypad. Users get a code by visiting City Hall during business hours and paying a $25 deposit. As an MV resident, the convenience is well worth the fee.

What other cities have similar bike shelters near Farmer's Markets or transit?

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That REALLIGHT light on the back of your bike is MONSTROUS.

The bike shelter at Palo Alto University Avenue Caltrain is pretty swank.
There's one at the Menlo Park station. From the train, it looks similar to MV.
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