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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

This 1972 bicycle safety comic book from the Highway Safety Division of Virginia is a like a Jack Chick tract for safe cycling.

Danny and the Demoncycle

Flip through the whole comic at Comics With Problems and follow "Dan the Disaster" as he learns his lesson to become a safe cyclist. Scofflaw cyclists, repent of your wicked ways and take this important lesson to heart!


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Classic 70's style! Love it! Thanks for finding it.
Glad you like it. I found it via Twitter. Please add to StumbleUpon, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc if you like it!
So when Danny got old he changed his name to Yehuda Moon? B/c he sure looks the part.
I dunno, Mr. Moon takes it easy on his Van Sweringen. This kid on the cover is riding it like he stole it!
2Tire: You need to flip to the last page -- it's very cool.
Silly Danny, rail trails are along inactive lines.
=v= I love how he has 1970s helmet hair (instead of a helmet). Note how the whole thing is pre-Forester!

P.S.: First seen on LJ and put it on FB PDQ, LOL.
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