Dave Zabriskie burglary victim

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

David Zabriskie returned to his home in Salt Lake City after the Amgen Tour of California to find his home burglarized and empty. "My house was broken into while at TOC. They took everything, a lot of bikes, cars, and you name it they got it," wrote Zabriskie to his Twitter account.

"If anyone out there sees anything you think might be mine, let me know," he continues.

Zabriskie races for the U.S. Garmin-Chipotle professional cycling team. He took second place overall in the Amgen Tour of California that completed last Sunday.

Update: The Salt Lake Tribune reports two cars, 12 bikes and Olympic memorabilia were stolen from DZ's home. David Zabriskie is well known to be a fan of comic characters with his time trial skinsuit patterned after the Marvel Captain America costume, so this list of stolen Marvel comics statues was fascinating:
Thieves also took seven statues of Marvel comics characters from Zabriskie's home. Zabriskie owned two- to three-foot statues of figurines including "Hellboy" pistol; "Ash" Army of Darkness; "Tomb Raider" Lara Croft; "The Punisher; "Alien"; "Ironman" and a "Gears of War" character. The statues are valued at $11,000, Snyder said.
Read more: "Utah cyclist Zabriskie's home burglarized."

Velonews has a list of DZ's stolen items.

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Man, that is a bummer; poor DZ. I hope it was not a cyclist who targeted the house because they knew he was racing at the ToC, but you did mention they they took bikes. Hopefully whoever did it will be caught.
The way you phrased it you make it sound like it'd be a bummer for someone to let him know they've seen his stuff...
Tony: Re-reading, I see what you mean! I might edit it to make it more clear. Eats shoots and leaves.

James: The thought that a cycling fan might have targeted Dave occurred to me, also. What better time to burglarize the house than when the whole family is gone to a bike race a thousand miles away?
...that was a huge haul...they took so much stuff of such varying type w/ some of it being so specific that i'd assume something will find it's way to the authorities w/ a trail leading back to the thieves...

...the shame of it is that even if dz gets a lot of it back, he'll have undoubtedly lost some very personal keepsakes...
Yeah this is just heartbreaking.

I don't think that someone would have to be a cycling fan as much as an opportunist with a keen ear for that shit. They probably heard about Zabriskie, found out where he lived, and just found out when he'd be gone.

Think about it, if you live in town with a pro athelete or celebrity of any sort, people talk about them.

I am sorry to hear about your loss! You must have been devatated. I hope you recover your stuff and catch the jerk responsible! Great ride at the aTOC.
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