DeMint amendment prohibits all bicycle spending

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Friday, February 06, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina introduced an amendment to the prohibit funds for any bike trail path in the version of the stimulus act now in the Senate.

Please call or email both of your Senators RIGHT NOW to let them know bike projects mean employment for Americans and American suppliers and to vote against DeMint's amendment.


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I am given to understand that one of our senators - that new guy that was appointed - is a little hard to find.
I do wish hatemongers would quell their fears and grow a pair.
(The hatemonging being the SC guy, not our hard to find guy. THat's not monging... it's not even fonging, though it is sing-songing and perhaps wronging.
Is it Friday yet?)
I sent my letter to Senators Feinstein and Boxer.

Find and contact yours here:
Unfortunately, my Oklahoma senators aren't likely to listen to any contradictory voices. Inhofe and Coburn do indeed hear voices, but they're the once urging them to shrink government until it's small enough to drown in a bathtub.

What a pair of embarrassments.
I put this on the VBF site today: Check out the links to Thunderhead and Streetsblog, and the Bikeleague page where you can contact your Senator.

Though I'm a Virginia resident I'm actually in South Carolina for awhile. Everyone I've mentioned this to around here so far says, "Oh, DeMint, I can't stand that guy!" I wonder how he got elected!
This is certainly not DeMint's first time speaking out against bicycle infrastructure projects. He seems to use the example of bike lanes as wasteful government spending every chance he gets. Strangely though, has at least some support among cyclists here in the upstate of south Carolina. I sent an email Friday to our local cycling club list and got quite a few negative responses from DeMint supporters who agree with him 100%.

I guess some cyclists who just ride for recreation on country roads could care less about bike lanes and any other bicycle transportation oriented infrastructure projects. It bothers when people think of bikes as nothing more than toys, but unfortunately many pretty avid cyclists feel exactly that same way.
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