Cyclist shot in East Palo Alto

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Monday, February 09, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Do you see where the little "A" tag is in the map below? A cyclist was shot there by a passing motorist last Friday morning in East Palo Alto. That major east west road right by that spot? That's Bay Road, an important cycling route that connects University Avenue with the San Francisquito Creek path that connects to Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve. It also happens to be where I sometimes where I ride my bike on my commute, especially if I want to test how truly bullet proof my Kevlar lined tires are.

East Palo Alto

Read more about the cyclist shooting.

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Insane. Not what I wanted to read about this morning. We lost a cyclist to a van recently in Seattle, I am feeling especially vulnerable today.
Since "cyclist" covers anyone who is riding on a bike. I wouldn't say that you in any real danger riding your bike through there in broad daylight on your morning commute (although that is a more dangerous neighborhood then downtown Palo Alto). It sounds gang related and it's a coincidence he was riding a bike.
The cyclist was riding through at midnight. You have to practically be insane and asking to be shot riding there after 11PM.
Yeah yeah, I'm being overly dramatic here. I did go through a nearby neighborhood last year during the evening commute and passed a big line of police cars that were responding to daytime shooting. I think in that instance it was the guy on the bike with the gun.
This reminds me of a similar situation in 2007 in Seattle; it was deemed to be a gang initiation right, or so I was told last weekend.

For more information on that, here's a link to get you started.
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