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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

These are Amanda and Doc Logan in Sacramento.

AToC Sacramento meetup

Logan blogs about cycling and other stuff from Sacramento. I've known him online for probably two or three years and it's always great to meet these people in person.

Amanda rides a Schwinn Madison; Logan's bike is an old Raleigh. Big props to them because this was at a big bike blogger meetup in Sacramento and these two were the only ones who *ahem* rode their bikes there.

Drop by and say hello to Logan.


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Aww shucks. Now I acually have to update my blog. Pleasure meeting you too.

happy you met so many great people from sactown.

i miss sacramento quite a bit actually. midtown is one of the most wonderfully bike-able neighborhoods i've ever been in, and my first fulltime media job there was also the only job i've ever done a 100% bicycle commute on.

there's a lot of really awful suburbs around sacramento, but the greater downtown area is, in my opinion, the crown jewel of the central valley.
Oh boy, they were the only ones to ride to the meetup? how ironic, no? I've never been to the west coast but would love to. West Virginia has a cycling culture (what my blog is about), but I feel like I want to experience more too.
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