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Monday, February 02, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Sorry for the super late post. I'm late sending a review of the Schwinn Tailwind ebike to Momentum Magazine and I'm running late. Watch for the review there in the March / April issue (assuming I get it to them in time!)

Schwinn Tailwind electric bicycle

Heavy snow brings transportation to a crippling halt in the UK. The >Guardian says biking in the snow is too hard. London Mayor Boris Johnson congratulates the 'hardy' drivers getting to work while he mentions non-chalently that "I came in here by bicycle; it is possible to get around." Via.

Bike commuters take fewer sick days. Via.

Hugga: What are your bike ride roadside finds?

Fenders on George Hincapie's custom built racing bicycle. Via Velo Orange.

The Sacramento Bike Kitchen has moved to a new location: 1915 I Street. Sac Bike Kitchen is a community bike shop offering tools, classes and repair space for the do it yourselfer.

Winter Biking Wiki -- contribute your expertise.

Guide to promote cycling on Federal lands.

Open Street Map Mountain View Mapping Party, Saturday February 7th and Sunday February 8th, 11am-4pm at Red Rock Coffee, 201 Castro Street, Mountain View , CA. OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you. OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. They will loan out GPS devices to attach to your bike to help with the mapping.

Holier Than You is a fan of Lance Armstrong.

Next week: Get ready for the Ride of Your Life.

I'm taking this Thursday, February 5 off to attend the Caltrain Joint Powers Board meeting. Bike capacity on the trains is on the agenda. The meeting starts at 10 AM. I haven't decided yet if I'll bike all the way from San Jose (or even from Santa Cruz) Thursday morning, or if I'll take the train and look a little more professional and presentable. Forecast is rain for Thursday, so it'll be a fendered bike either way. Which way should I go, bike friends? Sweaty like a cyclist? Dressed in slacks and button shirt like a professional office dweeb? Or even a tie and sport jacket?

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"Which way should I go, bike friends?"

Hah - TWEED was exactly what I was thinking before I came to the comments page. Fritz, I have a 38 tweed look-alike if you want to borrow.
Heh, Tweed sounds like a great idea.

THanks for the offer, Jerry, but it's supposed to rain Thursday so I think I'll avoid borrowed threads for that day. I was near your neighborhood this morning, BTW -- took #23 bus to the church, picked up a bike I left there Sunday night, biked on Williams/Bollinger to De Anza, past Apple, to Homestead and onto Foothill.
Looking forward to the ebike review. Just one of the things that will help get more people on bikes.
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