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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Ow, my aching bottom. I rode 22 miles to work on a 54 pound bike this morning. The Schwinn Tailwind has a suspension seatpost and cushy gel saddle that works very well, but I replaced it with a standard seatpost and skinny saddle so I could tow my daughter on her trailer bike over the weekend. The extremely stiff aluminum frame results in a punishing ride if you lose the springy seatpost -- don't question the wisdom of the bike designer who specified the suspension seatpost!

Otherwise, the bike is wonderfully solid on longer rides. It tracks straight, there are no rattling bits, it goes where I want it to go, and pedaling the 8 speed Nexus hub feels efficient even with the motor completely disengaged. Have I mentioned the full chaincase and fenders on this bike, yet?

Panda with daughter

Here are some recent bicycle blog finds and some not so recent in my semi-regular link love reciprocation.

Let's Go Ride A Bike: Trisha in Nashville and Dottie in Chicago are "two girls who recently discovered city cycling" and write to "share our stories, learn more about cycling and encourage others to rediscover the fun of riding a bike."

VELORUTIA in... Romania? I can't read a thing on the site but it looks good.

Biking Las Vegas.

Chiggins' It's Just A Ride.

Don't forget: San Francisco Thursday Tweed Ride is on February 12.

Will I ride Tweed to the Caltrain JPB meeting this Thursday, February 5? Probably not: Rain is in the forecast.

Twin River Cyclists.

Eco Velo.

Get Downtown Blog: Commuting options for Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bikengruvin Bike Art.

Da Isser.

Atomic Miles.

Ultra Rob.

Keefer Madness.


Ruminations on life and cycling in northern Illinois.

Roger Kramer in southern Illinois.

Bicycle Musings

Malaysian track cyclist Azizu Hasni.

Canada Cycling Blog.

Pedal maniac.

Cycle Snack. Yum.

Liberation Cycling.

Bikes For the Rest of Us.

Kansas City Bike.

Raleigh Commutes.

Slow Motion Revolution.

A Social Media expert flies from Atlanta to Memphis to teach FedEx a lesson on social media. The tables are turned, however, when it turns out FedEx already understands the influence of social media better than the marketing expert does.

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the Fedex story was awesome, I wonder if Ketchum is familiar with that arcane, technical term in the world of professional online communications. I think it's something like "PWN3D".

(Thanks for the link, makes me wish I had something interesting to say heh. My stuff's not been super epic lately, I'll work on it.)
:-) I wrote "FedEx pwns social media expert" when I first tweeted that link.

I hope you don't go away -- I read IJAR when you post stuff and it's worthwhile to me.
Thanks for the link! I enjoy your site. Great picture, by the way -- I need to practice taking shots of more than my legs/ground when I'm riding.
Thanks for the link, makes me all warm inside. And NICE SHIRT. I was packing for a trip to Monterey (work) and one of my Fatty jerseys jumped into my bag.
Go away? Not a chance. It's good to be a blawga.
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