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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

On the Santa Cruz Streets Smarts blog, somebody makes the tired claim that cyclists increase net gas consumption by slowing and stopping the other traffic on the road.

Below is a photo of a typical scene of California Highway 1 in Santa Cruz. Traffic is moving at approximately zero mph, bikes are not permitted on this stretch of Highway 1. Look at this photo and see how many questions you can correctly answer!

Santa Cruz Highway 1

1. How many law-breaking arrogant terrorizing critical mass cyclists do you see holding up traffic in this photo?

2. How many cyclists were involved in the four-car fender bender that's keeping traffic at 0 mph?

3. Of the approximately $10,000 in property damage that was done in that collision, how much was caused by cyclists?

4. One of the car occupants was seen getting strapped into an ambulance gurney with obvious head trauma. What is the cost to the public of head trauma to helmet-less car occupants versus helmet-less bicyclists?

5. If just 100 of these cars were removed from the highway, how much more quickly could the remaining motorists get to their destination? (Hint: You can see about 20 cars back in this photo).

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just a thought, but what if the driver of the car who caused this gridlock was actually a cyclist?

Otherwise, I think your on to something here.
@Tony, Of course, I didn't realize that bike cooties stuck to cyclists and all other aspects of their lives can be blamed on the presence of these toxic bike cooties.

I'll punch that jackass in the throat and say Lance made me do it.
And notice also, that not one car in the pack even sports a bike rack atop their vehicle.
Clearly we need to lobby for laws requiring all motorists to wear helmets, since driving is just so dangerous.
From your comments, it seems like a lot of people are feeling saucy this week!

Kit, you need to tell us about your Howell Mt adventure some time.
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