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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

My buddy Ken Conley spent the day in Santa Rosa and environs following Team Astana at their California training camp as they prepared for the Tour of California. Lance Armstrong was in his trademark black and yellow Livestrong kit as his teammates sported their light blue Astana uniforms.

Armstrong is a walking billboard: See him here with his Giro helmet, Oakley sunglasses, and Nike jacket.

Read and view more at KWC Spare Cycles. Oh, and Lance Armstrong posted a phone camera photo of Ken and posted it to Twitpic. Ken's the guy with the camera in his face.

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Good that he's a walking billboard for his cause. I'd rather represent that than Astana, a coalition of Kazakhstan state-owned companies (per Wiki). One of the strangest sponsors ever, IMHO.
I love Cyclelicious for it's attention to politics involving cycling. I hate Cyclelicious for it's weird obsession with Lance Armstrong.
I appreciate the comments, positive and negative!
Astana rules! Better than having some flooring manufacturer(Quickstep) or a burrito(Slipstream Chipotle) joint for your they ride Treks!
Lance has a great color scheme.
A lot of cyclists, pro or not, are walking billboards for the products we use daily.
I've got GORE, Giro, Performance, Adidas, and Planet Bike proudly displayed.

It's great because all of these companies wholly support their products and customers.
Giro helmet, Oakley Sunglasses and Nike jacket...a get-up to reckon with!
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