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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on Cannondale's 2009 "Six" road bike because they're missing wheel frisbees. US Federal safety regulations mandates spoke protectors on all new bicycles. Cannondale authorized dealers will install the spoke protectors for you free of charge as shop staff razz you. More at CPSC.

The "Six" is Cannondale's low- to mid-range series of made-in-Taiwan aluminum and carbon road bikes.

I ran across Busted Carbon this morning. If you like looking at photos of broken bikes, Busted Carbon is the blog for you.

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I guess this means that nobody at the CPSC rides a bicycle.
And people used to demand a replacement frame when they crashed their aluminum bikes and snapped off the derailleur hanger.
Thanks for adding the "as shop staff razz you" and the Busted Carbon link. That turned the post from boring safety details to awesome snark. :D
I think wheel frisbees have their place to be honest. Still, I don't imagine Cannondale will have much response on this recall.
I am loving Busted Carbon. Great idea for a blog.
James: Yeah, bike schadenfreude.
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