Drafting the train

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Monday, March 23, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Following the VTA Light Rail Train on my bicycle, downtown San Jose, California.

Drafting the train

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Awesome! How was it?
Boy Fritz, you looking to break the sound barrier this weekend *and* drafting the light rail - living on the fast side aren't ya now. Must have been that snazzy plaid jacket you were wearing Sunday night - I have one just like it, very kewl.
Isn't that called "motor pacing"?
I used to draft buses when I raced bikes full time in Dallas. This brought back great memories.
Jerry, you know how slow VTA LRT is in downtown San Jose!

My title is misleading -- the speedometer shows only 12 mph. The trolley has stops at every block and stops at every intersection for the light to turn green. It's much faster riding with the other traffic, but I thought it would make for a fun photo.

Wasn't an early human powered speed record set by a cyclist who was pulled behind a steam locomotive?
...mile-a-minute murphy...60mph on a special board track built between the rails & enhanced by a special fairing built off the end of the train car...
...at the end of the run & still at speed they had to very unceremoniously haul him up & over the back of the car 'cuz he was running out a' track...
Funny... my 'cockpit' looks almost exactly the same... same MiNewt light and even the same cyclocomputer... did you borrow my bike?
Thanks BGW -- that's the one I was thinking of!

@bonxie -- Oh drat, you caught me! I hope you don't mind that I lifted it for a quick spin around the neighborhood.
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