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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

For Earth Day, Jones Soda HQ in Seattle unplugged from the grid and is powering their office by bicycle. Details at Biking Bis.

Heidi and Jeff

Karen tells me I look too young to have a teen son, so I owe her some link love. See also Karen's Sea Otter race report.

My friend the lovely Nan and her Bespoke Bike Clothes mentioned in Wired Gadget Blog.

Woodside, California lobbied Caltrans to lower the speed limit from 40 mph to 35 after the death of cyclist Michelle Mazzei in 2005. Caltrans erected new 35 mph signs earlier this month.

The Menlo Park city council indicated they don't plan to revisit their decision to support the Ringwood Avenue Pedestrian Bridge. Those who follow Cyclelicious know that some residents in west Menlo Park petitioned the city council to have that bridge removed. At the city council meeting last week, several people from groups against and for the bridge gave testimony lasting over an hour to make their case. Several councilmembers, the mayor and the vice mayor all expressed their support for the bridge at this meeting. read more.

This San Francisco bike map route finder is kind of cool, even if it doesn't quite work just yet.

Santa Rosa, CA BikeBoulevard.

Bikes At Work used for Ames, Iowa library book delivery.

Remember, for most of the USA, May is Bike To Work Month. Bike to Work Week begins May 11, with Bike To Work Day on Thursday or Friday of that week depending on where you live.

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Jones Soda is too nasty to drink, but I love the off-the-grid stuff!
The SF bike route planner works for me... Every now and then it'll get an endpoint wrong or choke on bad data from Yahoo, but then hitting "Find route" again has always fixed it.
My kids love Jones soda, though I don't care for it much.

I guess the text directions are okay on the SF route finder. It always shows me the same route on the graphical map, though.
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