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Thursday, April 23, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

William Angel set off on his Saturday morning bike ride wearing a tail light, yellow vest and reflective shoes on March 29 2008. Motorist Kerri Lee Jasper didn't see him and rear ended him at 6:45 AM, sending Mr. Angel to the hospital with a broken back.

The court, naturally, found Ms. Jasper innocent. The judge even said the cyclist is "an accident waiting to happen." It's not Ms Jasper's fault that she rear ended the cyclist because -- get this -- he didn't have a front light.

More here. From How We Drive, who credits Treadly and Me without providing a link.

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Remember this when you vote. Don't elect anyone who thinks this way. It matters a lot. Call your Congressperson. It matters.
disgusting. since we don't vote for judges, how could we prevent a judge of this mindset getting a post?
Sounds a lot like grounds for appeal (about the only recourse for obviously unfair judges decisions)
Judge sounds like an idiot! The man suffered a broken back and then gets kicked in court. Nice.
Like a front headlight would have mattered - since she rear-ended him! That is just ridiculous!
Don't judges have to show an IQ that matches the job's responsability?... :-P
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