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Friday, April 17, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

I saw Valerie at the GT Bicycles booth with the Aerostream cruiser bike and asked her to describe the benefits of this bicycle. GT Bicycles Aerostream bicycle has some nice features differentiating it from other bikes in the cruiser bike category.

GT Aerostream city bike

Valerie was kind enough to demonstrate some of the features of this bike: As you can see, just sitting on the GT Aerostream automatically makes anybody at least 14% hotter. This is what Valerie looks like off of the bike:

...And here's another photo of Valerie on the GT Aerostream:

GT Aerostream city bike

Your mileage may vary.

Valerie also tells me that REI is now selling this bike and absolutely loves it.

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Outstanding review! I hadn't noticed how much improved the bike made her. But wow!, what a difference! Well done!
"Valerie let me ride her bicycle and I can report that it indeed provides a very nice and smooth ride."

I bet she does...

I'd notice the bicycle if the model weren't hot like napalm!
You are so funny! I'd better get one of those bikes, I'm looking a bit bedraggled lately.
Seriously, that's a great looking bike, and less parts to rust compared to older 3-speeds. I wonder if the basket can be purchased separately?
Huh, what bike?

Oh wait, now I see it.
"provides a very nice and smooth ride."

Did you mean a "swoopy" ride? I imagine that comes from the exaggerated fork rake.
Wait a minute! Are you saying that if I ride that bike I'll look like Valerie? 'Cause right now I look too much like the other model, you know, the Elvis impersonator in spandex.

Oh, the horror!
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