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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Win $25 gift card from Sunglass Warehouse.

Do you believe eye protection is important while cycling? For a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Sunglass Warehouse, post a comment below with one reason why (or why not) eye protection should be worn while cycling. Two winners will be selected at random from everybody who enters.

I do not have access to your account information (including your email address), so unless you know I already have your contact information, please give me some way to contact you either in your comment or by sending me a quick note. If you have a website or blog I can track you down that way also.

Winner will be selected this Friday. A big thanks to Sunglass Warehouse for sponsoring this giveaway. They were mentioned yesterday in the Memorial Day edition of the Today show. Sunglasses shipped free inside the USA, you pay for shipping for International orders. I will pass winners' email address along to Sunglass Warehouse.

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Bugs at 30 MPH. That's reason enough.
You don't want to end up like Appleby: with files in your eyes.

RudyRedSox at hotmail dot com
Have you ever had a truck kick a stone up into your windshield and crack it? Now imagine that stone hitting your soft, fleshy eye... I'm gonna wear sunglasses while riding MY bike!
A single reason? Oh, there are so many:

• I wear contacts and sunglasses keep my eyes from drying out
• Random flying debris that is magnetically or cosmically attracted to the cyclist's eyeball
• Sunglasses make you look even cooler than you already are
• UV rays are bad, mmmmmkay?
• The sun is bright
I always wear sunglasses since gnats seem to flock to me at 50 mph downhill. They also look so cool! Who doesn't want to wear the same glasses as their fave pro?
The helmet makes me feel self-consciously dorky... but cool sunglasses negate the dork aspect. :D
Bugs and wind. Simple. Plus, the right glasses look cool, which is important for ... you know ... the ladies. :)
1. if not riding at night, uv protection for your eyes.
2. barrier protection for your eyes, as mentioned above (insects, rocks, wind)
3. to look cool.
Sunglasses or eye protection is a good idea (eyedea?) because it is really hard to see through a bug that's smashed into your eye at high speed.

Though, truth be told, I don't wear sunglasses when I ride in Nisene Marks, too dark to see properly and those sideways roots are sneaky!
not only should you wear glasses to keep the crap the buss blows up when it passes you with 3 inches to spare i think that our poor lawmakes should make it manditory that cyclists wear glasses.
I took my glasses off one time because they were steaming up when I was climbing. On the following downhill I forgot to put them back on. The guy in front of me bumped a tree which caused a dry branch to drop to my head level. The branch hit my eye socket and missed my eye by a few mm. Had my head been an inch to the left it would have stabbed me through the eye socket. The glasses would have deflected the branch and saved my eye.

A picture of the carnage: Stick to the eyeNow I always wear glasses when I'm riding.
I ride year-round, and I can assure you that it is nearly impossible to keep your eyes open while moving >25mph while it's snowing if you don't have eye protection. Ice pellets are even worse, and usually warranted goggles.

Precipitation should be called "eye protection awareness periods."

andy at ithacacarshare dot org
so your buddies can't see you cry when they lap you......(which means i never need sunglasses ;)....but hey i like the way they look.
those dry winds can blind... better get some sunglasses
My best friend, Doctor Walter Crankset, wears those same chrome lenses the Highway Patrol uses. He says that the metallic coating, when coupled with the aluminum foil lining his helmet, is quite effective at preventing the effects of those illegal government mind control waves.

I gotta get me some of them glasses.
'Cause stopping to get a foreign object out of yer eye sucks...
Keeps you from getting dry eyes!
Day or night you need eye protection. I can't count the number of times I've seen a bug get squashed right in front of my eyes.

Plus, as some one said above ^^^ you need glasses to prevent your eyes from watering up.
I'm never outside without sunglasses, so my 1 reason would be to protect your eyes from the sun.
I wear sunglasses when I bike because:
1) I live in Texas and it's REALLY bright outside.
2) I don't want to have some sort of road debris hit my eye or eye area.
3) Bugs in the face not fun. Bug in the eye...OUCH!
I wear glasses to stop my eyes from tearing and getting cold and also to protect from rocks and bugs getting into my eyes.
I love to wear sunglasses, the bigger the better, in fact I like the really BIG Jackie O type sunglasses. I find they're good for protecting the delicate skin around the eyes plus giving the expected UV protection for the eyes themselves as well. Ditto for the wind factor, blowing dirt, as others have mentioned. Then there is the glam appeal...
Cause my futurez so bright I gotta wear shades.
There's just a little bit of unknown material on the streets of NYC that you don't want in your eyes.

A half a second of getting the grit out of your eye can be the difference between a fun ride and a trip to the hospital.
If I don't cover my eyes, all my fellow cyclists are easily distracted and run into things.

Please, think of the distracted guys before you blink and ride...
So I can "check it out" without being obvious.
Grasshoppers - enormous sticky, gooey, grasshoppers - far easier to wipe off than to fish the parts out of your eyes
And Greg's entry is the last!

Thanks so much for your comments -- they've made for enjoyable reading. I'll pick and contact two winners today.
Having a bug hit you in the eye while going down hill is no fun. Neither partially losing site because of no glasses or bad glasses and the wind makesyour eyes tear up. Swallowing a bug is also no fun. When I am mountain biking and the trail is kinda unkept I have had a tree branch hit my glasses. Thank God I had them. CS
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