Hugh Jackman rides a bicycle

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Australian actor Hugh Jackman was spotted out riding his bike with daughter Ava, riding a scooter, in a park near their home in New York City.

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY**Hugh Jackman riding a bike with his daughter Ava, who was riding her scooter, in a park near their home


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What? No helmet for his daughter? It's crazy and it's the law!
We see whose head he cares about protecting!
Looking very sporty!
I like when I see people making the news for being normal : )
I was going to commend him for his helmet use, but then I noticed that not only is his daughter NOT wearing a helmet, she is also scootering in sandals and without hand, knee or elbow protection. Then I also noticed that his helmet isn't even on properly.

Dontcha just love Hollywood types?
Safety Fail! Wear your cap jauntily tilted, not your helmet. And get some safety gear on your daughter. She doesn't have your mutant healing powers!
I'm so happy that millions of my fellow countrymen/women (parents and all) are not wagging their finger...or wearing any of these silly contraptions.

"Insane! They're gonna die! So irresponsible! What are they thinking!"

Discuss. :-p

- We have nothing to fear than fear itself -
Amsterdamize, I hope you're merely baiting people because not wearing a helmet is one of the dumbest things a bike rider can do. Or do you and your countrymen enjoy brain trauma?
He is kind of trolling (and you bit the bait, Erik), because we all know the Netherlands are populated with human vegetables as a result of their pro-bike transportation policies over the past 30 years :-/
hi Erik, there you go with your fact-free fear-mongering again, with a disturbingly arrogant assumption to boot.>Please stop.
hugh. on or off the bike ur pure hawtness. meowr. I even like this shot with a tilted helmet ;D
Maybe they were going very very slow?
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