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Wednesday, June 03, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

That's German for bicycle tube. There's a bicycle innertube vending machine at a bike shop in Cologne, Germany. Photo credit.

Check out these bicycle handlebar grips. Via.

MAKE: Bicycle painting tips.

Bike Intelligencer on Backcountry.com's foray into bike retail.

CB Design Case Study: Pedal powered hot dog launcher.

Journalism: How to cover a car crash.

Ally Bank uses bicycle riding as a metaphor for banking...

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I have previously bought from the backcountry/steapandcheap/ whatever website they currently have. They always have great customer service.
For 6 euros, you'd at least want to speak to some fit Scandanavian bike-shop hottie, wouldn't you?

I mean, wholesale on a bike tube is about a euro or less...
USA retail is around $5 for a bike inner tube. €6 does seem a little high, but I imagine somebody who needs a tube in the middle of the night from a vending machine probably really needs one!

Russ: I've been happy with backcountry.com before too.
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