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Monday, June 01, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

In the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm seeing more and more people wearing 'normal' and even stylish clothing for their rides as they use their bicycles for short trips. You already know that what you wear for this sort of riding does not have to be the standard Lycra gear - instead make it fashionable attire, your personal style.

You don’t need to go beyond your ordinary wardrobe to find the right outfit, but those of us that pedal frequently know it doesn’t take much saddle time before the booty is a bit uncomfortable without a chamois.

My friends at My Alibi want to help Cyclelicious readers "Feel beautiful on your bike" with a special offer on their My Alibi padded cycling bloomers for the giveaway price of only $50.

These little shorts are all about function with a comfortable feminine look. Wear them under your favorite skirts, capri’s or jeans for a hidden comfort that will keep you smiling your whole ride. These high quality padded shorts will be an asset to your wardrobe that will last for many seasons. You can barely get a tank of gas for $50 these days, they will virtually pay for themselves before summer is through.

When you purchase at My Alibi.com , just enter Promo Code: PEDALTHERE. Offer valid through the month of June.

Now, what Abbie @ My Alibi would really love is mention (or photo?) by a celebrity on bike... Does anybody know how to help her out with that?

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ooh those are brilliant!
I like this product


which is a shear pair of shorts with a decent chamois crotch for women. I thought I bought these at REI, but no longer see the product on their website. I wear the Andiamo underwear all the time, for example under the B. Spoke Tailor wool knickers:


Gary Fisher wears B. Spoke, 'nuf said.
Thanks Anna! I hope you get a chance to grab a pair while this deal lasts as I know you will love them. There is just something about feeling feminine on a bike that just can't be matched by unisex apparel.
Smile and Ride,
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