Robert Pattinson rides a brakeless fixie

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Actor Robert Pattinson tries to ride a green brakeless fixed gear bike during filming of "Remember Me" in Central Park, New York City. What authentic city bike details worked out by the prop master can you see on this bike?

Robert Pattinson seen filming in Central Park, New York City

Robert Pattinson seen filming in Central Park, New York City

You can also watch Rob ride a bike in this scene from the Spanish film "Little Ashes," where Robert Pattinson plays a young Salvador Dali.


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...crappy paint job & basically a grungy overall look, gaffers tape finishing off the dirty bar tape, clips n' straps, chain lock wrapped around top tube...
...maybe the 'prop master' just stole it one night to get that authentic look...

...& a valuable lesson in both art history & morals was learned here today...
...salvador dali painted things like melting clock faces & warped landscapes not because 'that's how he saw them' but the fact is that he was a bicycle thief (portrayed very "innocently" here) & therefore his unassuaged guilt forever skewed his perspective & sensibilities ...

...see kids...steal a bike & you'll never see life again as you once saw it...
...valuable lesson here, fritz...
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