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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Leave a comment for a chance to win free stickers!

Walt and Dwight run a small, independent print shop in Tuscon, Arizona where they create what they say are The World's Best Bike Stickers. They like to promote bike riding through their stickers, shirts and other products. They even have reflective bike stickers, which seems like a pretty good idea.

For a chance to win a free sticker, leave a comment here today (Wednesday, June 16 until Midnight Pacific Time) and I'll select a winner at random. Look for more chances to win in the coming weeks.

Worlds Best Bike Stickers.

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pick me please. I need some stickers to put on my new ride.
This one's probably my favorite:
it's true! my other bike is a bike!
They aren't kidding about the world's best bike stickers. Whoa.
those are some cool stickers.
i want a sticker! if you do, i'll send you a pic of it on my forehead and i'll wear it all day.
The Whole Foods that I go to one of the cashier's who rides too likes mine.

"That SUV makes you look Fat"

I also have a custom made messenger bag with
"Don't Hit Me!" on it.
Howdy, Fritz--

The stickers are cool, but their website could use a little technical help (or maybe it's me; I'm a tech support nightmare). It kept pulling up the same page as I tried to navigate past about page four. Maybe there are some more stickers in it for a savvy consultant.

One of my personal faves is on my singlespeed: "Fukenkarz" (with an umlaut over the U, of course).
Happy Trails,
Ron Georg
I just want to win stuff!

(I also need stickers to plaster on my bike, so thanks for the link!)
I disagree with the "bee friendly" sticker. I got punched in the face by a bee last night on my ride home. Maybe it's for slower riders.
Faves: "Bike is the new black" Always keep an eye on your bike" "campagnolo? is that a type of coffee?"
ONE LESS FIXIE is the world's best bike sticker.
Stick it to me. We need some Kidical Mass stickers...
I was trying to think of something witty to say, but who am I kidding? I just want a bike sticker.
OoooOOOOoooo! Stickers!

This one's my favorite:
Hybrid driving cyclist here. Need stickers! :-)
I need a bike to plaster on my stickers! the ol' three speed just isnt' cutting it these days.
Stickers are good!
these are absoludicris! I'd buy them all but I don't have enough bikes yet to cover them with
I LOVE stickers...
my daily #squarespace oh wait. no i mean cyclelicious entry ha!
I love stickers, pick me!
comment be posted...
Yes, stickers are good!
I'd rather be a drunk biker than a designated driver!
I have so far avoided putting stickers on my bike. This is not through antipathy to the idea, but just that I never seem to see good stickers. Darnit. Now I might buy stickers!
meh, they're missing

"Bikes don't Poop!"


"Ranger Danger!"
=v= Please don't pick me. I already have most of these stickers, plus even better ones (best bike stickers in the galaxy).
how come birds don't crap on bikes?
I love stickers and you can stick one on me!
Clearly my bike needs more bling. :D
I need a great sticker to put on my lame car
...i'm hoping that what must be one of the most trafficed posts you've ever put up, fritz, is a reflection of the wonderful child-like, youthful qualities we all retain as cyclists...

...that or we're all (ya, me too) like a buncha little kids..."i want stickers...i want some stickers, yakota fritz...c'mon, PLEASE...please, please, please"...

...btw, i really don't need any stickers but i WAS thinkin' about 'em...
I'm a sucker for stickers myself :-)

Thanks for the entries, all. Remember -- no entries accepted after Midnight (in about 25 minutes). Good night all -- I'll use in the morning to select a winner.
Oh, Cycling Missy, did you see the news about your mountain biking namesake?
Congratulations to Camille in San Francisco -- she's the winner. Camille, please look in your email for further instructions.
here's the bike and sticker. yee haw! Thanks, Fritz
Stickers are the dress of bikes and racing cars. I am also looking for better and cool bike stickers for my bike.
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