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Thursday, July 09, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Has anybody tried these?

Buy Cutter Knickers here.

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Yokota - I have a pair of these and love them. Killer fit and far styling far superior to any other "knicker" I've tried. One thing - the U Lock leash only works on very small compact locks.
I have a pair of these. The fabric is somewhat stretchy and fits closer than most MTB pants. It is very comfortable, as long as your legs aren't too huge. The fabric is also water/wind resistant, so should be warm enough for California winters.

You can often buy these for $70 on
I'm quite satisfied with my Zoic's. Didn't even see these when I was doing my knicker search.
Thanks for the feedback. Do you guys know how the Cutter knickers compare to knickers from Chrome or Swrve? I like Chrome's shants, though the fabric is a little heavy for the summer. Swrve is too tight for my thighs.

Kit: Which Zoic pants do you have? I haven't seen you in the while!
Haven't tried the Swerves. Do own a pair of the Shants and would agree that they're a bit warm for summertime. I think Chrome came out with a lighter weight version (?) but definitely prefer the fit/cut of the Cutter knickers. Also the Polartec Powershield is BAD ASS. Super breathable/windproof/water resistant, etc. Hoping Cutter comes out with some more shorts/pants...
I have the Chrome shins - they recently added a light-weight version:

The material is so stretchy that, for me, the waist sizing is tricky -- I'm normally spot-on for a Medium, but these feel kinda big.
The Cutter Knickers are $60 on right now ($5 shipping). Maybe I'll get another pair.
Awesome, thanks for the heads up on that. I just tweeted that.
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