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Thursday, July 09, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Update: This contest is closed and winners selected.

Today's edition of Cyclelicious is sponsored by Makai Bikes. Enter to win one of five bike bells from Makai.

Bikini Bicycle Beach

Contest open only to USA only. Two ways to enter:

Five winners will be selected at random from among all entries. You may enter up to two times -- once via a comment on this blog and once via Twitter. The contest closes Friday morning (USA Pacific Time) when I will select a winner.

Once I announce the winners, you must get in contact with me so I can get your contact information. Your contact & shipping info will be passed along to Makai Bicycles for prize fulfillment.


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Free bell! Wheeeeeeeeee!
bells make bikes happier
I want a bell!
I would love a bell.
My new Xtracycle could use a bell...
ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for me ...
I'm as mad as bell!! And I'm not going to take it anymore!
Howdy, Fritz--

Call me a curmudgeon, but I don't think bells make bikes happy--they make them annoying.
I don't like bells, but, alas, I need one. I've moved to a place where the MUVs have signs that say, "Cyclists must give warning," or some such silliness. That means, instead of simply staying to the right accepting that there are other, faster path users, pedestrians, joggers and plugs of cyclists take up the whole path, expecting others to issue directions. I'm glad roads don't work that way, or the din of horns would be unbearable.
So, I need a bell. In fact, I need two--one for my daughter's trail-a-bike. She'll enjoy using it.
Ron Georg.
i want one!!!!
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring my Bell.
I'm riding along
Need to pass but hate to yell
Much prefer the bell
Guess what! I got a fever! And the only prescription is more "bike bell"!
Ding ding, I want a too-cool bike bell! Yay!
Free bells make me happy!!!
Is it possible to hear this bell before I commit to trying to win it? One should not just rush all willynilly into such an important decision.
woo hoo! ring ring!
If I win, I think I'll give the bell to a noobie bike commuter. Fun!
I suppose if I don’t win I get the NoBell Prize :)
My new fixed gear commuter needs a bell.
i would love a bike bell for my new bike!
Oh boy do I ever need a bike bell.
Now that my bike commute is on a fairly heavily used path, I need a bell. There are too many walkers and runners using earphones and seem to think they're the only ones on the trail.
free bell pleaaase!
Ring Ring.
I'm just happy with the nice pictures of bikes & their riders, but if I can get a bell, all the better. My little girl just started getting into the Trail-A-Bike, and would love to have some way to make noise. The picture above makes me think I need to take her riding over in Santa Cruz.
rang. rang.
Every time you hear a bell ring, it means that some angel's just got his wings.
Why not? One can never have too many bike bells!
I really need a bell for riding here in Portland, OR.

This would be great to win!

- Kyle
My bike bell got hosed in a recent crash. It said "I ♥ my mom." I was very said to see it die. A new bell would bring a wee smile to my face.
Rocky Balboa: Ah, just keep punchin', Apollo... you want to ring the bell?
Apollo Creed: Alright... Ding Ding.
Ring-a-ling! A free bell sounds swell.

I want a free bicycle bell, and the more people who enter, the less chance I'll have of getting one. ;)
My kid sure could use a bike bell. Her bell just broke yesterday. Hope I'm not too late to enter.
I'm closing comments now and will pick a winner soon. Thank you so much for playing!
Congratulations to the winners -- I loved all of your comments about bike bells! Among the commenters here the winners are:

* Edwin, who cleverly wanted to improve his odds by discouraging participation;

* Wayne in Beantown, who squeezed in at the last minute before I closed the comments.

Please contact me ASAP and send me your shipping info that I'll pass along to Makai Bikes.

Three Twitter users also won: @buzban, @rsayers and @armadillo77.
Got my bell. It's bell-isimo! I just can't stop!
No sign of my bell yet but I keep checking the mailbox everyday.
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