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Monday, July 13, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Some members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition noticed a guy chopping at a bike cable lock with bolt cutters. One of them chased after the guy while the other one shot photos of the alleged perpetrator. Wonder of wonders, police even responded to their 911 call.

H/T to Murph.


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...i think i'm not a very nice person 'cuz i wouldn't feel too bad about seeing this guy get cracked hard across the knees w/ a baseball bat...

...& the knees, only to protect that pretty face...

..."they shoot horse thieves, don't they ???"...
Somebody pointed out this guy looks like Lemmy from Motorhead!
...hey...even if times are tough, i think lemmy would try stealin' a hog (uhhh, that would be a harley davidson, for the uninformed) rather than a bicycle...

...but ya never know...

...the "new" MOTORHEAD: we've gone green !!!...
Wow. He's even completely nasty looking. I think he *could* get a job in Hollyweird.
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