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Saturday, July 25, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Take a look at Saturday's Plugger comic and list all the things wrong with that picture.

Props to Jym Dyer.

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hey it's a 2x13 rig, what's wrong with that?
Looks like it comes with the hot new 13-speed cassette.
What? You don't have a reversible, side slider metric torque wrench? I have three in 1/4, 3/8, and half inch drives. Sure, they're the older analog ones rather than the fancy schmancy digital models, but they work just as well. Next you'll be suffering from tool envy over my Campy peanut butter wrench still encrusted with peanut butter from Fausto Coppi's epic final win in the Tour de France back in 1952. Or what about my Campy chain tool hand-filed from virgin tool steel by toothless Italian grandmothers in a desperate attempt to supplement their pensions. You would make fun of their tireless efforts, minimizing their selfless work to bring joy to the hearts of Campy aficionados everywhere. You're heartless and cruel, Fritz, and I've have waaaay too much coffee.
I wonder if it comes with 8 or 9 inch wheels?
Bears can't talk.
How will he assemble it without opposible thumbs.
Didn't Sheldon Brown make one of those?

Wait, that was a 63 speed...
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