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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

UPDATE: Contest closed. Congratulations to our two winners: Reese of San Jose and Len of San Francisco. Thank you to B Minus for providing the prizes.

Win a cute shirt like this from B Minus Design.

B Minus Design is giving away two shirts to Cyclelicious readers. YOU MUST ENTER TO WIN. USA only.

Two ways to enter:

1. Visit the B Minus Designs store and leave ONE COMMENT here telling me what your favorite t-shirt is. ONE COMMENT ONLY please -- this means you, Bruce!

2. Tweet to Twitter: deleted.

TWO WINNERS will be selected sometime during the day on Wednesday, July 29 (USA Pacific Time).

Winners' email addresses will be passed along to B Minus, otherwise your email is safe with me and Google.


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I enjoy when good blogs have contests. Yay for somebody winning stuff!

My favorite b minus shirt is the bike <3 for sure.
Unicycle Convention
Definitely "bike <3"
I like the bike <3 the best.

Unicycles are #1
I like the unicycle convention.
Love the <3 bikes over the heart. Couldn't say it better myself.
Bike <3!!
Bicycles are for Lovers is my favorite, hands down. I want!
Wait, no-one liked the "bicycles are for lovers"? I'm now feeling self-conscious.
Definitely "Bicycles are for lovers"!
I like Bicycles are for Lovers!!
the unicycle convention by a nose...
I absolutely love the "Bicycles are for lovers" design. It can be my tandem until I can convince the mister to get a real one.
I LOVE Bicycles r for LOVERS!! And I just found these - IN LOOOOVE!
Daw, even if I don't win one, I might have to pick up that Bike <3 shirt. Too cute!
Definitely the unicycle convention. I think that the other ones are cool though don't set themselves apart enough from other novelty tee-shirts, especially with the text on the lovers one. Nonetheless, I would still wear them!
yay for contests

bike <3 for me too.

definitely bookmarking the b minus site now
My favorite is the Bike <3 shirt! Thanks for the contest, Yokota!
I am absolutely loving the cheery yellow "bike <3" shirt. Almost as much as I love my bike. Vive la bicycle!
I like unicycle convention.
The blue on blue unicycle convention shirt is pretty cool but I think I like the bike <3 one the best!
That Bicycles are for Lovers t-shirt makes me smile the most.
Unicycle convention. I keep thinking about getting one after seeing a bunch of them ride Strawberry Fields Forever 100k some years back.
Bicycles are for lovers!
My favorite is "Bicycles are for lovers"

But, they're all great shirts. Way to go B-minus!
bicycles are for lovers. cute.
I can't decide, but I don't ride a uni so I'll have to go with bike love or bikes are for lovers.
Unicycles for the win
i'm casting my vote for "unicycle convention". it's so happy!
"Bicycles are for Lovers"

Because it's TRUE!
My favorite b minus shirt is definitely "bike <3". I like this because my regular commuter is an Xtracycle-equipped Surly Big Dummy with a custom double-child seat snapdeck replacement. Since I ride with my two kids all the time, the t shirt would be very appropriate for me. Our Big Dummy is mathematically less then the three of us.
(i'm a fella sayin this, if that matters) -- my favorite shirt is the bicycles are for lovers!
bike <3, definitely.
Thanks for the entries, all! I'm closing comments now and will select winners soon. There will be one winner from the blog comments and another winner from Twitter. Stay tuned!
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