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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

The owner and Chief Banana at Zero Per Gallon is calling it quits to sail around the world, and his business is for sale.

ZPG at the bike shop

ZPG made about $25K in 2008, says Jonny Waldman, working only one day a week at it, and he's letting the business for for $30K. ZPG prints and sells the popular "$0.00" and "53 Miles Per Burrito" bike stickers, among other things.

He tells me that ZPG stuff is for sale in at least 37 stores and distributed nationally by the Merry Sales Company. Powell's Books in Portland, OR, for one, buys a few hundred dollars worth of patches and stickers every month from ZPG.

Details: ZPG is for sale.

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I hope the new owners are as cool as the creator. I ordered a patch, and he sent me the patch and 3 extra stickers. Very cool in my book.
Gee whiz, is that tempting.
What about the goats?
There aren't many goats at sea. I'm thinking that's one of his major reasons for heading to sea and ridding himself of all his earthly possessions.
I wish him well, but he's on crack about the value of his business. Even really solid, much more desirable businesses are lucky to get 6x monthly gross plus whatever their hard assets might be worth.
Guess he hasn't heard of the sea-goat...

You can never get away!
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