Anna Paquin rides a bicycle

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Saturday, August 08, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin expertly takes the lane with her Nirve Hello Kitty bicycle near her home. Anna Paquin rides her bike around her neighborhood and for trips to her yoga class and the beach.

**EXCLUSIVE** True Blood star Anna Paquin spends a sunny Saturday afternoon cycling on her pink Hello Kitty bicycle


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I love that she is taking the lane. Great shot.
That got my atttention too. There are several photos of her on thta bike available but I picked this one specifically because it highlights her lane position.
I love how you always find these types of pictures. How fun!
Glad you like, Dottie!
funny (not really) that in her home country helmets are required and you'd be highly unlikely to see a normally attired person on a bike. Here in NZ it is unusual to see cyclists NOT wearing hi viz and lycra.
Anon, I forgot about the NZ helmet law. Didn't know that about cycling as sport only, though I guess I should suspect that's the case. Thanks for the comment.
such a true blood cutie..
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