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Giveaway: Strange Cargo bicycle t-shirt - Cyclelicious

Giveaway: Strange Cargo bicycle t-shirt

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Update: Contest is closed. Congrats to winner Danger Josh.

Todays' edition of Cyclelicious is sponsored by Strange Cargo from Chicago, Illinois. Enter to win a Strange Cargo bicycle t-shirt. A cool thing about Strange Cargo -- after you select the design you want, you can preview the design on any of several shirt colors and shirt styles.

Contest open only to USA only. THREE ways to enter:

A winner will be selected at random from among all entries. You may enter up to three times -- once via a comment on this blog, once via Twitter, and once from your blog or other social media site. The contest closes Wednesday morning (USA Pacific Time) when I will select a winner.

Once I announce the winner, you must get in contact with me so I can get your contact information. Your contact info will be passed along to Strange Cargo for prize fulfillment.

Good luck. On your mark, get set, and go comment and tweet!


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Does the shirt come with the model?
she is cute
and... posted
Love the shirt.....
Hehehe... I will probably not get picked since I won the last shirt, but.... I just like leaving comments.
Reese (and others): No restrictions on entries -- the winner is picked at random.

Juan (and others): No need to post your Tweet here -- I'll see those via Twitter.
Who doesn't love winning t shirts?
if our twitter is locked, will you still see them? and i love the shirt too!
Ooh, I needs me this shirt! :)
Hi. Love Cyclelicious.

Hope to win a shirt!

great shirt
I could use a new shirt. Wife doesn't appreciate all my holey ones.
Well, here's my contest entry.

BTW, that Boardman bike is awesome!
Calitexican: I didn't think about locked twitter accounts. No, I won't see them unless I'm already following you.
cyclelicio.us rules. Now, can I have the shirt, please? :-)

Unless I'm disqualified for having gotten a dead tree copy of Urban Velo from you.
Free Shirt!
I have the same comment as Mark S. does that count? What an awesome idea for a giveaway. :D
I linked at


Join us.

Commenting here, and posted to Twitter.com/danielo and Facebook.com/theonlydanielo.
Nice shirt. And I happen to love getting things for free. Thanks...
do they make shirts out of fur? if not, i'll take one anyway...
boom. for real.
Great message on the shirt. A biker was recently struck and killed here in Ann Arbor.
Count me in!
I want a shirt fool
DARN IT! can you make Toronto part of the USA?.. i want to win!

love the blog!
I pitty the comment that does not win me a shirt.
nice shirt.

pretty accurate, too: just like real life on the streets, the pedestrian and car have more pleasant placement. ;)
Looks like Fun
DuncanWatson on Twitter
Blog post linked - http://duncan-brain.blogspot.com/2009/08/cyclelicious-is-running-contest.html
awesome shirt! :)

hahaha the comment made by Mark S. is hilarious!
I'm game to win a shirt!
Too bad it's not a Bikes Allowed Use of Full Lane shirt!

But I'd still wear it, if I won...
I'd love to win this like POW!
Nice shirt!
Love the concept!
Erahs eht daor!
me me me!
Thanks so much for this chance!
Free as in beer??
oyme yoymee
Strange Cargo is fabulous!
...need me a 'rockin' robin, strange cargo' t-shirt...

...what's that you say ???...

...well, this is as close to a tweet tweet, tweedle dee deet as i know how to do...
Nice shirt! If I win it, I'll even post a pic of me wearing it!
WOW cool shirt.
Delightfully tacky stuff o'er there.
That is one awesome shirt. I hope I can win.

I'm closing comments now so I can count the entries, plug it into the magic winner picker and find a winner. Thank you for playing and good luck!

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