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Monday, August 31, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

I've been using Bruce's "Messenger Mirror" for a couple of months now.

Messenger Mirror

These compact and affordable mirrors have an unobtrusive, minimalist design that slide onto your eyeglass frame. They're not nearly as clunky as some other mirrors.

I'm a long time user of mirrors. The small field of view takes some getting used to compared to the larger mirrors out there, but Messenger Mirrors are indeed usable.

Messenger Mirror

I recommend mirrors for those who like to be helpful during group rides by yelling "Car back!" every time a vehicle approaches. Kidding.

I like mirrors because they enable me to check back quickly for merges, passing, left turns, and the occasional quick escape. I still do a shoulder check, but the mirror let's me know when a possible gap opens up for my move.

The only real drawback: The thin wire stalk doesn't lend itself well to easy adjustment -- once you have the mirror where you like it, it's a very good idea to keep it there.

Otherwise, the mirror works as advertised. I don't find the small field of view a hindrance and it works adequately for me, and the price -- $4.99 + 88 cents postage -- can't be beat.


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I used mirrors when I first got into riding in traffic. Then I got frustrated with the constant adjustment/re-adjustment, found it was easier to just turn my head. I also noticed that when I did turn my head that the cars approaching could tell I was planning on turning left or changing lanes. I think body language is a really important part of bicycle safety.
A side view mirror is waaaaaay more effective as a safety device than a helmet. Yes, one can turn their head, but that move makes EVERYONE unstable on the bike when they do it. Try it when riding on rollers!

As mentioned above, a very quick glance up is all it takes to see if there is a car's there, or if it's a line of cars instead of just one. They are especially useful when riding along parked cars and watching for opening doors, bad pavement and pedestrians who might jump out it front of you, when you want to know if it's safe to take the lane, or change lanes to turn left.

Most mirrors on the market are waaaaay to big, and block too much of the forward view. They have too much adjustability, causing them to constantly be out of adjustment. They jump off their mounts upon contact with anything. We need many more mirror alternatives!
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